How to Increase Battery Life on Android Device

How to Increase Battery Life on Android Device

The battery is a fundamental element in the life of mobile devices. Therefore, when we are going to acquire a new phone, the first thing that is looked at is its capacity. While current batteries have improved dramatically, they have not peaked. This time, we show you how to increase battery life on Android.

Each cell phone comes with a maximum battery capacity. It deteriorates over time. Faced with this, there are certain tips that are worth knowing by users to achieve increase battery life on Android.

Tips to Increase Battery Life on Android

  • Adjust the brightness of the screen: The screen brightness consumes a lot of cell phone battery. Ideally, keep it as low as possible. Set it manually, as the automatic brightness is usually optimized at a high level.
  • Turn off the vibration: This function consumes a lot of battery. Therefore, turn off the vibration in calls, messages or every time you press the screen.
  • Reduce time to screen lock: Much of the battery life is consumed by using the home screen. The sooner the screen darkens again after use the more energy you will save.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections:Both connections consume a lot of battery. You just have to keep them active when you are using them.
  • Deactivate permanent GPS location: You can control it and predetermine when you want to activate it in the settings of the different applications. It is not worth having the location active permanently, but make use of it.
  • Minimize notifications: If you do not consider it urgent to receive certain notifications from applications, you can turn off notifications. Notifications can illuminate the screen when locked. And if you have the notifications with sound you will save even more battery if you deactivate them.
  • Don’t let apps you don’t need run in the background: Apps in the background, even if they are not active, are consuming resources and therefore battery power. Ideally, only the ones they need are left in the background.
  • Monitor what you spend the battery on: From the Battery usage section, you can check which apps are using the most battery. In this way, the administration will be different.
  • Activate power saving mode: With this mode, they manage to increase battery life on Android when it suits you.

How to Handle a New Android Device

For many, acquiring a new cell phone is as exciting as the gift toy a child receives. Because of this, it is good to know some tips to use my new Android and customize it to suit everyone.

The first thing to do is charge the battery. When it is 100%, the cell phone is ready to be executed. If they are not very familiar with the new technology, they will have to search and identify the power, volume and camera buttons; locate the slots where the SIM and microSD cards should be inserted.

When turned on, it checks the applications that appear on the device’s screens, differentiating each one by its respective function.

After completing these steps, it is time for activation. Call your provider at the number that appears in the instructions that come with the phone and follow step by step what they indicate in the call.

This is very important because it makes the cell phone part of you. Choosing the graphic style or theme of your preference, the ringtone and wallpaper, are also significant details at this point. Update the contacts, download the apps and games you want from the store, configure the forecast and the widget, etc.

On the other hand, there are accessories that are essential, such as the covers and screen protectors. In addition to giving it personality and care, they provide you with comfort. Most equipment comes with its charger, USB cable, and headphones. They can buy a portable or car charger, ideal for travel. Also, there are the smart watch or headphones with Bluetooth.

Tips to Save Your Battery Life

In addition to the tips offered to increase battery life on Android, there are apps to save battery life most of them are free and come with a simple interface.

  1. DU Battery Saver: A free application that offers one-click system optimization. It comes with a good selection of preset saving modes; in addition to the possibility of creating your own profiles with battery improvements of up to 50%. In daily use it is capable of extending the life of your battery.
  2. Greenify:A fairly well-known application, available to all audiences. Searches for unnecessary processes and leaves them in a state of hibernation. In this way the application does not waste unnecessary resources until you use it again. The processes that are running in the background are going to be drastically reduced; so the demands of your device and the energy it consumes will be reduced. There are some applications that do not update the information they need to work, so they should be excluded from the Greenify list.
  3. JuiceDefender: It has a set of three applications: there is a free version, a Plus version for € 1.99 and an Ultimate version for € 4.99. Whatever the version, the end is the same: use profiles to specify aggressiveness in battery management. A very useful function is once the Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G connection is deactivated, periodic re connections can be programmed without having to be working all day and all night.


We the tips we have given to you in this article today, you should be able to improve your battery life exponentially. Thanks.

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