How to Share Files with the Same Wi-Fi Network

How to Share Files with the Same Wi-Fi Network

Every day there are more news that we have in the field of technology. One of the last was that we can now connect the cell phone and TV without cables, something we have wanted over the years.

Now, with all the technological advances of recent years, mainly cell phones, having a good WiFi signal and making the most of it is an opportunity that you cannot miss.

Or, if you have problems, receive the best tips to improve the WiFi signal directly from your mobile. Continuing with this branch, next we are going to teach you how to share files with the same WiFi network.

How to Share Files to another Person without Programs

Programs to share files between different devices we can find millions, of all types and for all tastes.

But our idea is that you can do it without any of them, that is, with a simple page that does it through the same WiFi network.

The main advantage with which we are going to find ourselves using this website is that we are no longer going to have to download programs in a crazy way, register, create a thousand accounts, and everything that comes with having one of these.

The operation of this page is super simple, all you have to do is access it and start writing or importing what you want without further ado.


Simple.Savr, allows you to upload all kinds of files, as long as it does not exceed 25MB. In case you want to do it, just click on the “Upload” button and drag the content to be able to share it.

To access this information from another device, all you have to do is enter the website, and voila! The content will be available instantly, ready to be used.

And remember that to download it, you have to click on the button that says “Download”.

Without a doubt we are facing a great alternative, which will surely solve thousands of problems for more than one.

Then we leave you the link to the website so that you can access it as many times as you want and enjoy sharing files with other people without using a single program.

Link –

Wi Fi Shot

Wi Fi Shot is an application for Android that allows us to share and transfer files to and fro from our devices in a very simple way.

There are always different ways through which we always want to send our data, photos and videos, from wherever we are, that’s why many companies look for that solution, be it for virtual storage or others, it is always necessary to have applications to share content.

This application allows you to experiment with those options that may be possible, such as establishing content and connecting with other devices, and also take advantage of the line for direct file sharing on cell phones with Ice Cream or Jelly Bean.

In itself the differences with bluetooth are not abysmal for now, so it would be fast and much more accurate in the future, being able to pass up to high-quality videos through the application, but as today it is in beta Wi Fi Shot, the projections They make us think about the possibilities and the need for these tools that should not be missing, because surely in the future they will be the means for connecting with other users.


Those are the recommended ways to share files with the same wifi Network. I hope you will try them out and reach out to us with positive feedback.

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