How Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages

How Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages

WhatsApp is the market’s leading instant messaging application. Through it, users communicate for free with their contacts. Furthermore, it is possible to share various multimedia contents. It works with an Internet connection, be it Wi-Fi networks or mobile data.

Deleted messages have been incorporated in the latest updates. That is, messages sent that have been subsequently deleted. Today we show you how to see deleted WhatsApp messages.

Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages

To see deleted WhatsApp messages they do not need to carry out any strange settings, they just need an app. This is Notification History, which allows access to the entire registry of notifications.

That is, in case you have sent them a message and it has been removed; they just have to open the app and see the message in question. It comes with a simple operation. It should be clarified that the app works from the moment it is installed, therefore, the previous messages cannot be seen.

See Deleted Chats from Whatsapp

Just as it is possible to see deleted WhatsApp messages, it is also possible to recover deleted chats. On various occasions, users accidentally delete the occasional chat; there is no need to panic. In simple steps, users can recover deleted chats by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

They should only put Restore when asked about chat history and voila. Of course, they must do it before it expires, since the history files are only valid for 7 days.

Now it is important to save messages when they have important information. To do this, they must enter the WhatsApp app. Once there, they enter the menu and select Settings. Then go into Multimedia settings and save the conversations.

How to See Deleted Data from Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a service widely used by users, which means that various content is constantly being shared. The fact of receiving so many photos and videos, makes the memory fill up quickly. Therefore, users usually manage this space, eliminating those that are not of interest. But what happens when important files are deleted? It should not be altered. You can easily recover deleted WhatsApp data.

The first thing they should do is check that the content has been deleted. In many cases it can happen that they pass them by and do not detect them; or they are stored in a disorderly way and cannot be found. So go to Gallery and find WhatsApp folder. There they will have all the photos that are shared in the app.

How to Recover Photos from Backup

In those cases where users have made a backup of their files, it is possible to recover it easily. This is only possible on Android devices, since in the case of iOS, the copy is made in iCloud.

For this, they access the WhatsApp menu, go to Settings and then enter Chats. Once there, they enter the Backup and determine which was the last copy made.

It should be clarified that the backup cannot be downloaded. To access it, they must uninstall WhatsApp and install it again, losing the messages that are not in the copy.

Once they install it again, they follow the configuration steps, and finally, they put Restore. After pressing Next WhatsApp will start downloading the photos and videos that are in the backup but are not on your mobile.

Finally, we tell you that just as it is possible to see WhatsApp messages deleted with an app; in this case DigDeep allows you to recover deleted data quickly and easily.

In the event that nothing works, all you have to do is ask the contact who sent you the photo to forward them

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